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September 15, 2012

  • Carnmen Reinhart: Greece Isn't Last Sovereign Debt Restructuring; More Ahead #
  • Heav volume at the end of a big move, especially when accompanies by little upside movement or a reversal, is not a good sign for bulls. #
  • Map of Protests in the Last Week ~ Recorded Future http://t.co/S7EYpXVY #
  • "Nothing is more surprising than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few." ~ David Hume #
  • Faber: Fed Policy Will 'Destroy the World' – Fed to ban Gold http://t.co/pLggZjR3 classic Faber; minute 7:15 #
  • Japan Sees 20% Drop in China Tourism http://t.co/ldLnhImS #
  • "Typically you don't get inflation until capacity utilization exceeds 85%" ~ Scott Minerd – dubious stat, was Zimbabwe's CU greater than 85% #
  • Argentine Protest Fernandez Failures http://t.co/4NKdegi6 she sported a mid 60's approval rating during the monetary induced boom #
  • French bonds selling off pretty sharply today….next phase? #
  • Chinese corporate risk looks pretty significant http://t.co/iKfW88sK #
  • Australia Has Role in China Sea Dispute – http://t.co/WlIeSq3a http://t.co/fHOwrqfd via @WSJ #war #
  • Previous QEs came after an average Russel loss of 6.4% in the month before a Fed move http://t.co/zM2nkjwU market up 8.7% this time #
  • hedge fund infographic http://t.co/Us540xIJ #
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