Capacity Utilization; Buffet and the Housing Market; Education Costs and Reform;

August 28, 2012


"Stability is destabilizing." ~ Hyman Minsky

"The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it." ~Friedrich Nietzsche


"A Market Wizards Dozen: Key Lessons For All" ~ @jackschwager – interviews are almost as helpful as backtests

Macro Trading Models Using Economic Statistics ~ HistorySquared

  • "When capacity utilization falls to 81.5 percent or less the S&P has historically risen at a steep +20.4 percent annual rate." ~ $study
  • Capacity utilization moved up 0.4 percentage point to 79.3 percent, a rate 1.0 percentage point below its long-run (1972–2011) average.

Virtual Teams Can Outperform Traditional Teams, says study of 80 software development teams – @HarvardBiz


Why Buffett Is Betting Big on Housing ~ WSJ

U.S. Housing Starts $XHB ~ UBS – twitter


The CBO’s 2002 ten-year projection missed the Debt to GDP by 400% ~ Bruce Krasting

New healthcare plan: 20 million to lose their job-based health insurance, 80 million forced to switch plans, says CBO ~ National Review

Average per-pupil, per year spending in public schools is $11,400 ~ The Foundry

"Education Reform Takes Hollywood by Storm" ` a new documentary, "Don’t Back Down” follows parents navigating failing schools – there’s hope

Hillsborough county will determine Florida, says Bloomberg’s @matthewjdowd

@ChicagoFed aruges for unlimited money printing until employment falls – but @federalreserve – What if printing money doesn’t retrain people for the 40% of employers who can’t find qualified work?


The Global Innovation Interest Index- @HarvardBiz - some good news for India, bad news for U.S., who educates, then expels

Bill Fleckenstein says ECB rumours: “A ‘Very, Very Big Game-Changer’ ~ @themoneygame - deflation to morph to inflation

“We shouldn’t underestimate the danger that central bank financing can become addictive like a drug,” Weidmann ~ Bloombergthe Bundesbank has no power

The Endless War: Saudi Arabia Goes On The Offensive Against Iran ~ @zerohedge

China’s Foreign Ministry expresses "deep regret" over Beijing attack on Japanese ambassador ~ LA Times


China Industrial Production and Property Starts and Sales ~ UBS


China Share of Global Consumption ~ UBS – twitter


Big Outflows from China ~ ZeroHedge

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