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August 18, 2012

  • Jim Grant and Jim Rogers make cameos in "The Bubble Film," examining who caused it http://t.co/mv7pafsk #
  • Muni Bond defaults more common than one thinks, says NY Fed study – says Moody's doesn't rate all munis http://t.co/gJYH0VWk #
  • France is all in on Socialism – Project Syndicate http://t.co/bBFCisJd – French bond futures symbol is OAT #
  • Medicare spending is under funded by $37 trillion – David Walker #
  • "Some of the local politicians are starting to play the ethnic card on Germany," says Wilbur Ross http://t.co/vugxlgrZ #
  • SOEs struggling amid economic downturn ~ China Daily http://t.co/v37vkjwb #
  • "Let’s Nationalize Facebook to protect users’ rights and share valuable data with researchers." ~ Slate – one can only laugh #
  • China’s Yuan Decades From Challenging Dollar, points to Japanese analogy ~ IHS Global Insight http://t.co/RejADJ0L #
  • California issues $10 Billion Notes at 0.43% ~ http://t.co/iRonJcjm a bit desperate for yield are we? just maybe forced to take undue risk? #
  • "We are living in a Minority Report world" ~ linkedin exec on bloomberg – segment was on advertising, but holds more broadly #
  • China's slowing economy sparks retail price war http://t.co/4Vrg7Lqm via @reuters #
  • From 2005, Nouriel Roubini on What Happens if Italy Dumps EMU and the Euro? Devaluation, Default and Lira-lization http://t.co/kZJyHQ2J #
  • "Greece lobbying for a 2yr extension of austerity program" – it's always been in Greece's interest to default on as large amount as possible #
  • China tightens lending rules for trusts, corporate bill market http://t.co/4rCLQte3 – this credit bubble is going to burst spectacularly #
  • Finland's tolerance for bailouts wanes, prepares for break-up of eurozone ~ Telegraph http://t.co/2gd9NScJ #
  • Regulatory Cliff looms as administration postpones new laws until after the election ~ WSJ http://t.co/nQ3Tu9LQ regulations are a tax. #
  • New strategy for "prisoner's dilemma" theorized: The strategy is 'go to lunch' http://t.co/6a7zv2lY #
  • "All war is deception." ~ Sun Tzu #
  • "No country can act wisely simultaneously in every part of the globe at every moment of time." ~ Henry A. Kissinger #
  • "Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die." ~ Herbert Hoover #
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