Stillborn Companies in Europe; U.S. Real Estate Valuations; Resource Wars

July 28, 2012


“One man cannot practice many arts with success.” ~ Plato


“The Roman people did not see themselves living in a state of decline” ~ YaleCourses

Since 1975, the countries now in the euro zone have given birth to just one company currently among the world’s top 500 ~ Economist Mag

  • The rise expansion of government power and the welfare state to forty to fifty percent of GDP is probably just a coincidence


“What it means to be a Data Scientist” ~ A statistics professorbasic skills: data munging, data visualization, stats, forecasting experience, communication skills

A Phone Network – WSJ

“You Are What Your Parents Ate: Your Diet Can Affect Your Children’s DNA” ~ Medical Daily

  • DNA is vastly over stated in our “Age of Unaccountability.” Genes are like light switches that can be turned on and off by lifestyle choices. More importantly, children see and mimic their parents’ eating patterns.


Bienville Capital on US Housing ~ Bienville


Earnings revisions a concern ~ zerohedge



Low implied volatility in European currencies – FT Alphavillebuy low, sell high

Asia’s dependency on grains ~ zerohedge

Water Risk Atlas ~ WRI Insights

  • As the money printing is adopted as standard accepted policy, and the negative effects inevitably become apparent, resources become more valuable, making civil and inter-country wars over those resources less costly.



China’s industrial espionage Army ~ Bloomberg

China Car Sales Prove Impossible to Know for Shareholders ~ Bloomberg

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