Tracking Infectious Ideas; CISPA Cancer Spreading; Everything Else Seems Relatively Unimportant

April 26, 2012


“You need to have accelerating debt forever to have rising asset prices forever and not even debt can accelerate forever” ~ Steve Keen 


Private Credit Growth Exacerbates Real Estate Busts, says IMF Research ~HistorySquared

The Earnings Beat Rate in Perspective ~ The Big Picture  

Divide implied volatility by 16 (sqrt of trading days/yr), to get daily price movement priced by the options market. ~ Abnormal Returns 

Length of computer engineering career resembles that of athletes ~ Bloomberg  


CISPA Grants Powers to Access Your Data, Advances in the House ~ HistorySquared

As CISPA Nears a Vote, Can the Controversial Cyber-Security Legislation Be Stopped? ~ Forbes 


US Military Tracks ‘Infectious’ Ideas in social media to thwart ~ Wired - in this analogy, are citizens disease carriers to be eradicated before infecting society?  

TARP Profit A Myth, Claims TARP Inspector General Christy Romero ~ Huffington Post 

Farm subsidies advantage Corn (high fructose corn syrup), Soybeans, Wheat over Fruit & Vegetables ~ Bloomberg 


Australia’s Household debt to income rise to 150% from 40% in the 1990s ~ WSJ  $AUDUSD 

Bundesbank has put Germany on the hook for over €2 trillion via various back-door deals ~ zerohedge 

France and Austria are beginning to show a strong correlation with Italy and Spain ~ FT 


China and Social Media Today vs. Japan bubble in 80s ~  valuewalk   

Wife of the deputy-chief engineer at the China‘s Ministry of Railways owns three LA mansions and offshore bank accounts worth nearly $3m  ~ FT

Philippines, U.S. stage war games in face of China warning ~ Reuters 

China Tire Demand Slows as Economy Decelerates, Bridgestone Says ~ Bloomberg 

$ABB, which provides power and automation technologies, sees China orders sink 35% ~ theanalyst_hk

Quantitative Deleting: Fed tax transfers $400 Billion from private sector to public ~ IBDinvestors   

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