Predicting Job Performance; Global Trade in the Great Depression;

April 17, 2012



Current pattern of behavior (inside and outside the office) is six times more likely to predict performance than background and job history (Arronson 1998)

Using the job demands-resources model to predict burnout and performance ~ Wiley

Central Banking:

“Monetary policy is already quite loose and the [Chinese] central bank won’t loosen more unless it wants to die” ~ Tsinghua Professor Yuan Gangming


"the Buffett tax would add $793.3 billion to the debt over the next decade," due to changes in the AMT ~ Cato


Global Trade in the Great Depression ~ historysquared

“Between 1929 and 1932 global trade value in current U.S. dollars fell by 50 percent.”


Copper supply to increase 8.5% per year through 2014, after a 1.5% rise this year -UBS in WSJ 

Hot money into China correlates with copper, suggest commodity is being used for speculation ~ FT


PBOC study estimated that 18,000 corrupt officials extracted $120 billion in stolen money.

"Macau is just the end of a public-cash pipeline that begins in China."  $WYNN $LVS $FXI  ~ New Yorker

Michael Pettis Makes China Predictions ~ businessinsider

  • Growth will be slow, debt will grow to an unsustainable level, industrial commodities to fall ~ nothing new

Neil Heywood “was poisoned after he threatened to expose a plan by a Chinese leader’s wife to move money abroad.” ~ Reuters

Widening the Yuan trading band will increase attract more traders, increase liquidity ~ WSJ

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