Overpriced Deflation; Resource Wars; Legalization in Spain

April 15, 2012


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” ~ from Animal Farm by George 

“Central banks are bubble blowers that use the inevitable bust they themselves perpetuated to justify their existence.”


“When the tail-event becomes the standard risk” ~ Chris Cole at Artemis Capital Management ~ FT

  • Deflationary hedges are massively overpriced; hyperinflation is now the outlier, underpriced, and we could get a leveraged asset bubble

History of inflation and hyperinflation, SJU edu

Central Banking:

Long and Variable Lags Between Money Supply and Inflation Dupes Economists ~ historysquared

  • The US abandoned the gold standard in 1971, but inflation didn’t hit 13% until December 1979
  • Over periods like 5-10 years, “the correlations become almost perfect” between the expansion in the monetary base and inflation


“European banks are at least two and a half to three and a half times worse than US banks.” ~ JohnFMauldin

Spain’s mayor pushes for marijuana legalization to address budge, implications for California? ~ scientific american

“Pakistan And India To Go To War Over Water?” ~ Advisor Analyst; - global currency devaluation and debt creating resource wars


China and Philippines end fishing standoff ~ guardian

Chinese Revolutions ~ wikipedia

  • Chinese Revolution (1911) or the Xinhai Revolution, the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and establishment of the Republic of China
  • Second Chinese Revolution, the 1913 rebellion against Yuan Shikai
  • Chinese Revolution (1925–27), another name for the Northern Expedition
  • Chinese Revolution (1949), the victory of the Communist Party of China in the final stage of the Chinese Civil War

Collapse of the Guangdong International Trust and Investment Corporation ~ emerging market strategies 

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