China is in Hard Landing Now, says Jim Chanos

April 14, 2012



  • Power consumption, cement sales, housing sales showing rapid falls.
  • Notes the Communist Party is called “The Family” in a reference to La Costra Nostra
  • Banks will survive, since they’re a source of power for the Family, adding they’ll likely take money from western investors,
  • “We’re going to open to outside investors, than keep tapping you over and over.” Chanos says on China’s attitude towards western investors
  • Sep 30, 2011: Here’s what I said. “The next Chinese leadership will look to fleece foreigners and use the opportunity seize assets for “The Party. Sep 30, 2011.
  • Weibo is breaking through the “Great Firewall” ~ tipping points can be reached here.
  • “I would be long the Chinese communist party.”
  • Sees the problem as purely financial, not political. ~ I think he’s underestimating the political risks, as he did with Enron.

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