Japan’s Inflation Expectations Surge; Sovereign Defaults would be Normal; Inflation and Stock Market Performance

April 7, 2012


‘The tendency to revise the history of one’s beliefs in light of what actually happened produces a robust cognitive illusion’  ~ Daniel Kahneman


"Global banking crises has historically been associated with a high incidence of sovereign defaults on debt." ~ Rogff and Reinhart


Income inequality is normal in certain stages of development, says $Study Atlantic

$SPY up 28% in 6 months, market is higher 65-75% of the time 1-6 mos later tickersense

Stock and Bond Market performances amid different inflation regimes. ~ Note, that real returns are vastly different than nominal returns. Inflation could go up 100%, stock market up 90%. Real returns are -10% and nominal returns +90%


Q&A: Daron Acemoglu, economist, on why nations fail smart planet

Fearful Symmetry: Six Decades of Treasury Yields $TLT AEI



JPMorgan Trader’s Irksil – the "London Whale" Driving market, traders crying distortion bloomberg $JPM


Japan‘s inflation expectations surge zerohedge



Incentives at Chinese Bank Create Abnormal Profits, Followed by Large Non Performing loans historysquared

Wenzhou made 265 million pairs of shoes last year at $6.04 a pair, paying $320 a month. – yahoo: won’t last ; inflation is coming

Central banks accumulating Aussie dollar $AUDUSD in lieu of $USDX, China’s reserves shrink for first time since ’92 Ft

Bond issuance in Asia totaled $100 billion in the first quarter of 2012, less than a tenth of the $1.2 trillion that U.S. companies issued  ~ Reuters

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