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March 8, 2012

  • It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows. ~Epictetus #quote
  • Triple trouble in Europe, US and China brings out the bears – Telegraph http://t.co/TJx706aF
  • Brodsky – US Money Base Will Explode to $15 – $17 #Trillion http://t.co/OyY0oVq9 RT @JervisCapital:
  • Brazil surprises analysts, not bond market with 75bp cut http://t.co/PePVTuLB http://t.co/KkH1DLlr 
  • Dim sum bonds sprout in Dubai to “internationalize its currency,” more like ‘dump paper and junk debt on foreigners’ http://t.co/FIJZwLCo
  • First IRS bounty, now West Virginia encouraging residents to install spy app, report citizens activityhttp://t.co/l9NJwR5H
  • Facebook Promotes Its Credits as Path to Dollars: http://t.co/PdWVyrCh
  • “Facebook Credits: The World’s First Global Currency?”– This was Peter Thiel’s goal with paypal $GLD http://t.co/SCoVsBCA
  • What would your tax be if you were paid in $FB credits, then bought your goods in $FB credits. Result = $USDX obsolesce http://t.co/IPKQQ9qw
  • $MS Vincent Reinhart: Fed study of oil price link to recessions post WWII, means Fed to do more, not less. http://t.co/2NOxfdXu
  • Speculation China’s reserve ratio is being lowered to ease pressure from capital flight among wealthy http://t.co/3qcmFzQq
  • Charlene Chu at Fitch deserves credit for exposing the fraud that is China, i mean, its banking system
  • #China Billionaire Calls Government a ’Monopoly’ – Interesting he went public with this. Party strength weakening… http://t.co/0YzAMEgz
  • Norway Crude production 15th largest: 2.14 million barrels per day, Proven reserves: 6.7 billion barrels.
  •  $GE and Nestlé as countries would be the 46th and 47th largest, between Pakistan and Romania.
  • $MSFT as a country would be the 32nd largest between Singapore and Malaysia
  • $AAPL as a country would be the 20th largest and ranked between Norway and Argentina
  • interesting point. would have to see what GDP multiples countries have sold for before.
  • Lombard Street Research calls #China “a financial house of cards” and “China’s banks — a disaster waiting to happen” http://t.co/Sj5Z0LZd 
  • RT @davemcclure: hindsight teaches many lessons. (some of which are not accurate)
  • When Economies Aren’t Rational: Victor Ricciardi Weighs in On Behavioral Finance $$ http://t.co/zw57HjmR
  • China: “Is American Citizenship Still Desirable? http://t.co/qcod9l7b” This jives with data showing wealthy emigrating
  • Yang Kaisheng, president of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd says Local Government debt level “basically” controllable.
  • Bank Asset Quality in Emerging Markets: Determinants and Spillovers http://t.co/PlgwymrL
  • “we are going to see a great deal of malinvestment.” James Grant $$ #operationnewbubble
  • $Fed ‘s latest policy experiment is to borrow short and lend long, says James Grant. As if they didn’t have enough interest rate risk..
  • It would be interesting to see a map of the south sea, the $$ values of natural resources overlayed, + national flags that claim each area
  • Hilsenrath says Fed “not likely to act next wk” will look at <s>Russel 2000<strike> econ data “over next few months” $$
  • The Pathology of Stabilisation in Complex Adaptive Systems http://t.co/DYhtkoIB Very theoretical. Dense but rewarding reading Mar 07, 2012
  • Today’s posts from FT Alphaville’s QE Sterilisation Tri-Party Task Force http://t.co/8vAk8cZ0
  •  @TheKirkReport’s interview w/ @MarkMinervini. http://t. … 
  • Harvard, we have a problem. CHART: Too many liberal arts majors http://t.co/bpTdwJLr
  • Australian Property Bubble Vs Canadian Property Bubble – MacroBusiness http://t.co/On8gzcTY
  • Fed Weighs QE-Light with ‘Sterilized’ Bond Buying https://t.co/vnS4Wegi
  • “Data visualization is the last mile between computers and our brains.”
  • Fed Flying Blind http://www.merkfunds.com/merk-perspective/insights/2012-03-06.html
  • Argentina enters the South Sea clusterfuck, while China learns from Falklands war of ’82: attack supply lines http://t.co/fhYP1Pth
  • $$ : Kindleberger’s Universal Bubble and Crash… http://t.co/E7qARAcw
  • Bernanke Seen Accepting Faster Inflation – Bloomberg http://t.co/pQLaMviS $CPI 
  • Mining investments account for 14% of Australia’s GDP. Fortesque is most exposed; China accounts for 96.8% of sales. $VALE $BHP $RIO
  • U.S. States Face ‘Sleeping Cancer’ in 96% Unfunded Retiree Health Benefits http://t.co/udmJSBi7
  • “Chinese consumers literally risk their lives the moment they consume something.” http://t.co/aWLxqZxX
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