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February 26, 2012

  • " I grow to honor facts more and more and theory less and less." Thomas Carlyle to Ralph Waldo Emerson #
  • "How Google and Facebook are using R" http://t.co/TdEb7Sg9 @dataspora #
  • "we expect governments to do what they always have in the past: debase their currencies." Balestra Capital #
  • U. S. and the Euro zone 10 year swap rates are now in negative territory. #operationbuildnewbubble $FED #
  • Swap rates represent a good proxy for the average rate paid by AAA rated banks and corporate borrowers. #
  • The fact that Japan inevitable debt blow up has not happened thus far has deluded policy makers into pursuing self-destruction. $USDJPY #
  • To value $GLD held by the U. S. at market prices, 17% of the monetary base is now “backed” by $GLD. The apex in 1980 was 130% #
  • "Based on recent average prices, all of the $GLD in the world is valued at roughly $8 trillion." $USDX #
  • The IMF has been marginalized by the printing press. Will they join the party too? @JamesGRickards #
  • Global trade contracted by some two-thirds in the 30's #
  • Britain abandoned the $GLD standard in 1931, throughout the 30's others countries followed, high tariffs and trade barriers implemented. #
  • A return to protectionism, competitive devaluation, and contraction in global trade is one of the bigger mispriced risks in the world today #
  • Bernanke's Great Depression study conclusion was in essence, how one could have made the bubble of the Roaring 20's bigger $FED #
  • "The real question is whether humans make more mistakes when they are write algorithms or when they trade" hendershott of uc berkeley $$ #
  • Reason Magazine – Reason Articles – The Totalitarian Ethics of California’s Public Sector Unions
    http://t.co/LRfXTBqo #
  • Using computational linguistics, "when more than 70% on twitter believe oil is going higher, it tends to fall" $CL_F MarketPscyh @bloomberg #
  • Ben Davies, citing similar increases in debt/income ratios, "Greece is a Preview of What's Coming For the Rest of Us." http://t.co/WmNh4P8p #
  • Jeremy Grantham's Q4 'Longest Quarterly Letter Ever' http://t.co/dcuNusen #
  • Paradox of Plenty: countries with an abundance of natural resources, tend to have less growth than countries with fewer natural resources #
  • Has Math Screwed the Syrian Revolution? Bruce Bueno de Mesquita http://t.co/uNbxzz5Y #
  • Putin likely to hold on to power in #Russia unless the price of oil drops sharply #
  • "like most revolutionaries, once in power, the inclination for extensive liberalization and democratization tends to weaken dramatically." #
  • 'foreign aid from #iraq an #iran has led to the thus far, Bashar al-Assad's successful hold on #Syria #039; Bueno de Mesquita #
  • $study "large infusions of foreign aid increase the odds of greater autocracy, repression, and reduced likelihood of revolutionary success." #
  • #china builds 2nd and 3rd airports in Hainan (sp?), all of which are empty $$ #
  • Gundlach warns U.S. stock market vulnerable http://t.co/O46DA70w $tlt #
  • ‘Hope Phase’ for Stocks May End in Tears Again: Chart of the Day http://t.co/nBFA0pa7 via @BloombergNews #
  • SocGen's Permabear Albert Edwards compares US to Japan, says At least two more recessions on the way. http://t.co/7z41d4jS #
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