Jeremy Lin, an Example of the Harm Inflicted by Unions?

February 11, 2012



First, a caveat: Jeremy Lin is playing at an unsustainable rate, hitting near 60% of his field goals – a figure you see from those who play closer to the basket.

The question is why wasn’t he getting any playing time before?? He did not become a good player overnight and must have shown his skills during practice.  One must suspect he was on the bench for reasons other than his talent. 

Many will play the race card, but more likely, it has to do with the heavily unionized nature of the NBA. These structures reward longevity and tenure over merit.

One begins to wonder how many other players are wallowing away on the depth charts in favor of lesser veterans who get the playing time simply because they’ve been in the league longer. The quality of the play suffers, as do the fans.

Teachers Union Exposed

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