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December 28, 2011

  • It is the chiefest point of happiness that a man is willing to be what he is. ~Desiderius Erasmus #quote
  • “@AJEnglish: Coming soon; using your I-phone to do eye exams $AAPL, $GOOG, $NOK, $S, $VZ, $HTC http://t.co/ZqTzObb1” #
  • RT @sssc RT @jackdamn: Google+ Adding 625,000 new users per day. que $FBOOK IPO http://t.co/ZXmmaWdt $GOOG #
  • RT@AJEnglish: Iran to ‘block’ Gulf oil if sanctions proceed http://t.co/GVk0BZkL $USO #
  • Commented on: “Stephen Roach doesn’t expect either China or India to witness a har… http://t.co/yZnORjM7 #
  • RT@dcagle: Enslaving America, Government dependence in America up 49 percent since 2001. http://t.co/BlUxEHvj #tcot
  • Congress net worth is up 18% while average american net worth is down 9%. This past two years. There are 67 millionaires in the senate.
  • Economic Collapse Stealth Mode In Asia – Jim Rogers Moves To China http://sns.mx/2chBy2
  • @carddebtinfo: If Our Debt Is So Dangerous….currency is a debt; a US default will emanate in loss of pp, currency risk instead of credit
  • @wired : “do you buy Meta-Twitter sentiment” bit.ly/tVEyBF” Negative Sentiment in Forecast Egyptian Unrest bit.ly/snIywm$EGPT
  • @TheEconomist your graphic ignores private debt, which morphs to guv liabilities, and thus, misleads on $EEM risksecon.st/vpZ0jJ
  • MMT and Keynesians ignore debt and the currency, assuming there is some limitless appetite for both $$
  • Iran to ‘block’ Gulf oil if sanctions proceed http://aje.me/rRbZh6 $USO
  • Robert Shiller To His Yale Students: It’s A Good Time To Buy  House http://stks.co/1h4r
  •  ICBC tries to fleece foreigners one more time, to sell 50bio CNY of yield TBD $FXI
  • @tomkeene credit bubbles are universal; currently, china, india, brazil, hk, thailand, indonesia, turkey, and australia
  • 4 out of 5 Australians Worry about Debt; http://bit.ly/t8Nn9E
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