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October 4, 2011


@WSJ_Econ ”Fed’s Fisher: Job Creation of Utmost Importance” – What invention will the Fed invent to create jobs?

Broyhill “You Lick Mine First” $EURUSD : http://bit.ly/puO327 via

China’s Banks: Worse Than You Think $FXI http://on.barrons.com/o8XZtm

Michael Lewis on USA today show for book ‘Boomerang’: Surveying the wreckage of financial disaster: $$ http://on.today.com/p050og

Reading China the Systematic Risks on Scribd http://scr.bi/nXTFov

Reading The Economist – A Special Report – World Economy – A Game of Catch-up on http://scr.bi/r4jhjL

On daily bar time frame, does anyone see panic that would suggest capitulation……..? me neither $$

Deutsche Bank: 7 Reasons Why Chinese Stocks Could Fall Another 15% http://read.bi/pY80hQ

$$ : Implications for Banks from #OccupyWallStreet http://bit.ly/nbwyyi

$$ : US Government Jobs and Pensions As a Solution to the Debt Problem http://bit.ly/oq41yT

will the bans on short-selling financial stocks in europe be effective?http://bit.ly/nrwOWc

$$ : Chinese Black Market for Loans Imploding http://bit.ly/q4OkGh

China Loan Shark Market Crashes; Scores of Chinese Business Owners Commit Suicide or disappear http://bit.ly/poDgDD $$

@Nouriel Roubini says Europe needs $2 to $3 trillion to solve debt problems. Q. where does this come from? A. Printing. $EURUSD

Fitch Says Further India Fiscal Weakness Would ‘Weigh’ on Credit Rating – $INP http://bloom.bg/r6vENl

Wolfgang Schaeuble says Germany ‘won’t give more to EU bail-out fund’ http://f24.my/oE3uZh $$

Greek Deficit Widens Unexpectedly, Sparks Default Fearshttp://on.wsj.com/nfXpy3

Two-Thirds of French Voters Expect Sarkozy Defeat, Poll Shows ( HS – bad for french bonds/CDS ) $$ http://bloom.bg/pf7Jv5

FedEx says economy ‘Is Not Entering a Recession,’ $$

S&P 500 Valuations Below Recessions Since ‘57 $SPY http://bloom.bg/netsKo

U.K. Examining Credit Easing to Boost Companies, $GBPUSD http://bloom.bg/nEJMgZ

$$ : The Impact of a European and US Slowdown on…http://bit.ly/oBj0Gy

$$ : Why it’s Difficult To Change Your Mind http://bit.ly/oJmrSg

@keder #OccupyWallStreet is not angry at the bailouts. They are angry the bailouts did not go to them

Insurance companies mining the web to weed out risky clients http://bit.ly/pEJr6Z

Kyle Bass bought CDS on Greek debt for 11bps, sees Europe going down the drain $EURUSD http://bit.ly/pyoXSf



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