A Search for Stagflation

October 1, 2011


As the world awaits Master Cook Bernanke to whip up another batch of heroin (debt) he’s so effectively hooked the world on, I did a quick search for stagflation.  As mentioned in, “Stagflation,” A Term Not Found in the Keynesian Dictionary, the pro stimulus crowd act as if a poor economy and inflation are mutually exclusive. This is just not so. Unfortunately, Bernanke did not respond to the letter on what policies he sees as creating the conditions for stagflation.  Interestingly, the search results for stagflation preceded the collapse, something we have not yet seen. This suggests the worst may still be to come, given he still has a mandate.


Philly Fed chief says stagflation a real risk Housing Wire – Kerri Panchuk – Sep 29, 2011

Rivelle Says Fed Stimulus May Bring `Stagflation Light’ Sept. 21 (Bloomberg) –

Stagflation: Scourge of the ’70s stalks us still Globe and Mail – david parkinson – Sep 23, 2011

Pepsi CFO says developed markets in stagflation Mediapost.com – Karlene Lukovitz – Sep 8, 2011

Gold Steadies, Inflation Rises in Eurozone, Stagflation Beckons FXstreet.com – Sep 30, 2011

Stagflation looms for Thailand next year: Economist AsiaOne – Sep 28, 2011

Stagflation: CNBC Explains CNBC.com – Sep 12, 2011

RON DERBY: Rising food prices raise spectre of stagflation beast Business Day Sep 13, 2011

Heading Down the Road to Stagflation

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