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September 25, 2011

  • Banks Increase Holdings in Derivatives $BAC $JPM $C $MS $GS http://stks.co/M0T #
  • Geithner Says Governments Need to Work ‘Alongside’ Central Banks – Bloomberg http://t.co/iHdO6elZ via @BloombergNews #
  • @FuturesTrader71 Another option is giving money to some hedge fund managers – hyman capital, passport capital, eclectica come to mind #
  • Never Buy A Chinese Bank (And Other Investment Advice) – Forbes http://t.co/h8h7J1vN $$ #china #
  • Regulators flex muscles on China's shadowy trusts $$ http://t.co/YuFFkRoH via @reuters #
  • The trouble with Eurobonds $EURUSD http://t.co/jHGbvLkL #
  • Commented on A New Look at Food Crises & Prices / Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed http://t.co/nR2IKQGM #
  • we're in global trade war "Geithner blasts China for 'systematically stealing' US intellectual property" $$ http://stks.co/Lc1 #
  • Geithner ignored a March 2009 Obama order to consider dissolving banking giant Citigroup $C #
  • China Banking Regulator Said to Evaluate Trust Company Loans to Developers – $FXI http://t.co/SdWwuYV7 via @BloombergNews #
  • Commented on: Yuan Options Most Bearish Since '09 as Global Recovery Wanes: China Credit http://... http://t.co/Cn9aFr05 #
  • “My next door neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration,” presidential candidate johnson #
  • Southern Europe risks bank run, says Rogoff http://t.co/bvEA1kwP $MACRO #
  • S&P 500 Analyst Estimate Revisions for Sept. 22 – $$ Bloomberg http://t.co/wDzix4D2 via @BloombergNews #
  • Yuan Tumbles 0.9% in Hong Kong, Trades at Record Discount to Onshore Rate – $CYB Bloomberg http://t.co/37aqEoOo via @BloombergNews #
  • Default Swaps Reach Record on Bonds Still Beloved by Banks: Japan Credit – Bloomberg $EWJ http://t.co/QH04uoLL via @BloombergNews #
  • Yuan Options Most Bearish Since ’09 as Global Recovery Wanes: China Credit. $CYB http://stks.co/Kzy #
  • Germany Has 5 Trillion Euros of Hidden Debt on top of 2.7 trillion official number $EWG, Handelsblatt Says http://stks.co/KzS #
  • How long before China retaliates against Brazil for it's 30% import tax? (one can dream. I have been long $VALE $PUTS :) #
  • @TradeIdeas1 FDR reincarnated, I mean Obama, may indeed shut down the banks, like FDR did in '33 $MACRO http://stks.co/KOn #
  • @BergenCapital Been pondering potential forced $GLD selling by Paulson Fund and whether that would be enough to impact prices #
  • 40% of countries in Rogoff and Reinhart's sample were in default at the height of the great depression $MACRO #
  • Hong Kong Home Prices up 70% since 2009 ‘Erode’ Affordability, HKMA Says – $USDHKD http://t.co/9y8SypUc via @BloombergNews #
  • $RIO Tinto seeing slower orders $VALE $BHP http://stks.co/Iwm #
  • RT @BryantTran New Asian-inspired Chipotle concept, ShopHouse, doing quite terribly on Yelp reviews: http://stks.co/Ib2 $CMG cc #
  • Loans to GDP ratio is up 100% in China, vs 47% at height of US bubble $FXI http://stks.co/IOI #
  • @Benzinga $ADBE is next in the technology obsolesce. going to lose to html5 based technologies. $AAPL already dumping #
  • Futurity.org – Computer ‘reads’ news to predict conflicts $MACRO http://t.co/7EOUFqf7 #
  • Gallup poll : people believe government wastes 51 cents of every dollar, highest on record $$ http://stks.co/HEK #
  • A little bond mispricing in France $EURUSD http://stks.co/Ghi #
  • The Cyborg in Us All: http://t.co/zPZG5xQE #
  • 'For earnings to keep expanding more than GDP, profit margins have to keep expanding indefinitely." 'http://bit.ly/qCDvI2 $$ #
  • What the Fed "actually regulates is risk aversion" $$ http://stks.co/GaB http://stks.co/GaC #
  • Leather : Calf skin up 21% 1H 2011 following 43% in 2010. Perhaps the guv will add a pleather substitution factor to the CPI $$ #
  • Building the Linked In Data Analysis Team $LNKD http://stks.co/GYz #
  • High deficit exposes Turkey to shocks $TUR http://stks.co/GIp #
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