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September 9, 2011

  • Governments have not marked to market losses on their government bonds holdings. (tier 1 capital huh?) – per bloomberg $$
  • @OppFunds India’s is one of the world’s leaders in % of citizens under 25 yrs. One child policy has hurt China’s coming working age pop $$
  • @OppFunds India’s future is a lot brighter than China’s, so long as they find solutions for their water. $$
  • Bull markets start weak and end strong. Today should be telling $SPY
  • A recommended google search for today is “Bloomberg Inflation Contest” filtered by past 24 hours $MACRO
  • Tombini Signals More Brazil Interest Rate Cuts on Lengthy Global Slowdown $USDBRL – Bloomberg via@BloombergNews
  • RT @SE1_CM Fitch believes China government will intervene to support banks, negative for China sovereign rating $$
  • On Keynes, Schumpeter and the Post-War Error: Sylvia Nasar $MACRO via @BloombergView
  • Perry’s Ponzi-Talk Draws Ire and Debate One difference -with a Ponzi scheme, you have a choice
  • Pimco’s Gross says Fed destroying credit, not creating $ via@BloombergNews
  • Obama’s Green Energy investment Solyndra target of accounting fraud investigation $ via @BloombergNews
  • On reintroducing the Mark, 37% of Germans they would be better off, 19% said it wouldn’t change anything $EURUSD
  • Obama using China’s massive fixed asset bubble, train wreck, and empty airports as an example to live up to – classic $$
  • Hunt sees similarities between industrial metals securitisation and pre crises mortgage securitisation $HG_F
  • Yuan Will Be Fully Convertible by 2015, Chinese Officials Tell EU Chamber – Bloomberg $ via@BloombergNews
  • Ray Dalio Returns 25% as Markets Convulse $$ – via@BloombergNews
  • % of CFO’s Planning to Hire at Highest Level in 3 Years $$…
  • U.S. Dollar bottom almost identical to 2008 $$…
  • Nigeria to Introduce Yuan into Forex Reserves $…
  • New blog post: Profit Margins, Corporate Bonds……
  • @eToro historically, fiscal consolidations fail when when tax hikes > 15% of plan. Italian plan unlikely to work $$
  • New blog post: Nestle Chairman Concerned About the Next Government Induced Bubble – Food…
  • New blog post: Anti American Sentiment, Body Snatchers, and Slower Growth Highlight Lessons From “Jasmine Revolution”…
  • upcoming MATLAB seminars for strategy testing$$
  • Wikileaks Cables Reveal China Upset By US Embassy tweeting air quality statistics that contradict home grown numbers
  • “(If) a country doesn’t take or is incapable of taking the required decisions, it should be possible to take them ” Trichet seizing rights?
  • Future ECB head Mario Draghi warns governments not to expect ECB to buy bonds indefinitely $EURUSD
  • @tomkeene How is this a good idea?…
  • “Banking crises precede credit crises by 2-3 years. It is getting close to that time.” Mauldin, citing Rogoff and Reinhart $$
  • Picked up the Farmers Almanac for $5.99. Optimistic it will provide a good return on investment $DBA
  • The seriousness of each subsequent crises will continue to escalate until people stop looking to the government for solutions. $MACRO
  • @quantivity Investors Flee Dark Pools As Market Volatility Erupts : $$
  • RT @quantivity: Determinants of Volume in Dark
  • New blog post: Goldman’s Doomsday…
  • SocGen sees Italy debt downgrade soon $EURUSD
  • A picture of the PMI in Europe @twitpic
  • New blog post: Standard Charter on the Ground in…
  • New blog post: European Bank Run Continues, UK Next?…
  • European debt monetization begins $EURUSD
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