News 6.1.2011, China’s Ponzi Maneuver, Chinese Fuel Canadian Housing Bubble, Blames Foreigners for Unrest

June 1, 2011


Commodities : Asian Steel Prices Weaken – bloomberg

Commodities : Solar shakeout to benefit China, says Moody’s – bloomberg

  • HS : Buying solar on current technology is like buying a call that is 400% out of the money

US : Rising Rents Suggest Core Inflation is Here – bloomberg

China : US Shifts Local Debt off Balance Sheets to Central Government, Protects Banks- bloomberg, FT

  • HS: Interesting, but did the debt go away? It’s just the beginning.

China : PMI shows hits lowest in 9 months, but still above estimates as money rates rise  bloomberg, bloomberg

  • HS : Look for inversion as an early warning sign in 1 week – 1 month

Canada : Chinese buyers fuel Vancouver Housing Prices

  • HS: Australia too, something referenced  several times here

China :  Patrick Chovanec Visits Chengdou – Chavonec

  • Red songs as more evidence of rising Maoism, empty condos, and bad drivers

China : Beijing Says Foreigners Exploiting Monglolia Unrest – WSJ via Google Search

  • HS : Expect this to escalate in the years ahead amid China bubble collapse
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