Jim Rogers : Chinese Real Estate Speculators Will Go Broke, Food Underpriced, Still Favors Asia Very Long Term

May 28, 2011


Courtesy Credit Writedowns

  • Short Emerging Market ETF – specifically bearish on India
  • Acknowledges Bubble in China Real Estate
  • Pointed to set backs in the US – such as depression, civil war, civil rights, but still had a great 20th century
  • Creditor nations China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan
  • Biggest China and India concern is water – has seen cultures wiped out.
  • China demographics being solved by people coming home and reversal of one child policy
  • Food prices still below where they were 20 and 30 years ago
  • Glencore public offering may mark short term top, but prices ultimately to go higher
  • Public education a bubble.
  • Bill Clinton’s surplus was fraudulent accounting



Rogers talks 5 to 30 year time windows, frequently leaving out the 0-5 year time time frame which most investors operate in.

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