HistorySquared Censored by Chinese Government to Protect SOEs?

March 23, 2011


In January, we posted research from Giovanni and Li-Gang Lu from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority showing that Chinese State Owned Enterprises would not be profitable without favorable loan terms exerted from Chinese Banks, presumably at the behest of government officials. The research also showed a pattern of poor repayments and expected forbearance for even those favorable loan terms. This is a dubious sign for the future of the Chinese banking system given SOE’s, from salt miners to soybean crushers, have been speculating on land and luxury property development.

The HKMA research was hosted on Scribd.  There was a notice sent to us today, the first ever for a document hosted, claiming a “third party” said we had not sought copyright permission. 

What are the chances the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, or one of the authors, chose not to syndicate one of their freely available research articles and complain?

Just perhaps, it was another entity known for censorship?

Here is a link to the paper from the HKMA website. Grab it while you can.


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