Macro Reading List : 1.14.2011, latest from Marc Faber, Bill Gross’ positions, Trichet Hawkish

January 15, 2011

  • Global : Marc Faber’s latest insights : Seekingalpha
    • Sees continued ECB monetization
    • Slowdown in India and China + Geopolitical Tensions
    • 10% of Vietnamese have bank accounts, sees opportunity
    • Bearish US Treasury Bonds
  • Global : Bill Gross Trade Suggestions :
    • Mr. Gross suggests “’emerging market corporate and sovereign bonds with higher initial real interest rates and wider credit spreads; floating as opposed to fixed interest obligations, and importantly currency exposure other than the dollar.”
  • US Moody’s and US Debt – bloomberg
    • HistorySquared : Funds are notorious for front running rating changes on debt. Does anybody really believe the US is a AAA rating?
  • Europe : Tea Party” Opposition to the Euro Grows in Germany – macromon
    • 57% of germans would rather have kept the Mark
    • 82% are worried about their currency

Europe : Trichet shocks market with hakwish inflation and interest rate tone – bloomberg

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