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October 3, 2010

  • How a professional gambler approaches NBA basketball handicapping from a statistical standpoint $$ http://es.pn/akdsWl #
  • QE leads to more corporate buybacks, dividends, leverage, carry trades, and country outflows – not growth http://stk.ly/bnDXSw $$ #
  • Hugh Hendry playing China disaster via short credit / long CDS on Japanese cyclicals http://stk.ly/a2ffvB $$ #
  • when given expert advice, study shows brain activity dies down as people think for themselves less $$ http://stk.ly/9i7qRp #
  • When given expert advice, fmri shows brain activity dies out as people think for themselves less. $$ http://stk.ly/9i7qRp #
  • Gold sentiment hits extreme bullish levels – risk of short term top $$ http://stk.ly/aYJHOz #
  • Using $APOL as a leading indicator of $EDMC, $CECO, $DV, etc – legislation news out – delay on decision for subsidies #
  • RT @forbes SocGen’s Grice Hang Seng puts, Swaptions, Inflation Floors for Fat Tail hedges $$ http://bit.ly/bw5TOp #
  • No Magic in Keynesianism :Gov's money comes from Private sector, crowds out investment, said Milton Friedman http://bit.ly/boPTjC $$ #
  • Hedge Fund says that in China, pigs can fly, ups Zhongpin stake 484% — $HOGS http://bit.ly/94sxV4 #
  • Analyst suggests looking for a technology edge on energy plays – $EPM, $MILL, $FXEN Seeking Alpha http://bit.ly/bsosYP #
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