Weekly Summary

August 15, 2010

  • managed futures have done well in down years for the stock market http://stk.ly/9ZZAMk $$ #
  • Market Wizard, Trader Vic ‘conditions like today have always led to hyperinflation,’ gold and managed futures http://stk.ly/bzX4Nm $GLD #
  • “I had rather be the first in this village than second in Rome.” Julius Caesar #
  • Are The Economic Riots That So Many People Have Been Warning Us About Already Starting? http://bit.ly/cvfay2 #
  • investor bets near term volatity subdues, but long term concerns will remain- short 10k Sept 45 VIX, long 10k Nov 45 Vix-optionsinsider $$ #
  • China Housing Bubble; The Emperor Wears no Clothes http://bit.ly/dzHidY #
  • The GCC region imports 90% of their food, leading to slump in Saudi Arabian stocks http://stk.ly/ar7BF6 $$ #
  • @alphatrends @hgetson data feed arbitrage and internalization using fractional cent orders that only the privileged banks = HF profits $$ #
  • RT @TelegraphNews Societe Generale tells clients how to prepare for ‘global collapse’ (from 11.28.09) http://bit.ly/ldmuI $$ #
  • Published Adaptive Strategies for High Frequency Trading on Scribd http://scr.bi/aX07VZ #readcast #
  • stocks that are 3-4% above VWAP on only average volume $CLF, $CAL, $ACI, $CNX, JRCC #
  • 90% of chinese companies have a real estate arm, including rail roads, a soybean crusher, a salt companies, education companies, etc $FXI #
  • Yihaodian sells 40k products and aims to be the Wal Mart of Chinese online retailing, fighting the niche concept. says short of servers $$ #
  • watching CNBC World’s Inside China. last week had CEO of leading housing residential brokerage. This week internet commerce CEO $$ #
  • “You don’t cure a debt problem with debt.” – Nasim Taleb #
  • “When a bridge collapses, you don’t look at the last truck that was on it. You look at the engineer.” – Nasim Taleb $$ #
  • ETF Money flow data – public continues to put money in corporate bonds $LQD $BND http://stk.ly/aAYlzJ #
  • Taleb Says Government Bonds a ponzi scheme to collapse. http://stk.ly/bwQXgo http://stk.ly/clz1o0 $$ #
  • JP Morgan’s Tom Lee sees corporate debt refinancing boom on fed purchases, low 10 year rate. Dow Jones says Junk Bond issuance surging $JNK #
  • currencies serving as a leading indicator, $AUDUSD, $EURUSD, $GBPUSD making new lows $$ #
  • @downtowntrader $HAUP love the hauppage digital tuner fwiw. peter lynch always said invest in what you use. in reply to downtowntrader #
  • @DougKass Doug, can you recall some periods in history to study where bonds fell, while stocks fell or moved sideways? $$ in reply to DougKass #
  • If more gov economic intervention now, what will happen when the euro debt crises climaxes or a terrorist attack – go weimar republic? $$ #
  • 93% of the sovereign CDS tracked by CMA widened over the second quarter, increasing an average of 30% – France $$ #
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